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Welcome to
The Bell Type and Rule Company

Here at Bell Type we manufacture hand set metal type
Hot Gold Foil Stamping, Leather Embossing, Engraving and
Letterpress Printing.

Over the years, our type has been and continues to print on a plethora of items...

Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Engraving Machines
Our  Type is use in a verity of hot stamping machines to, imprint pencils, make
imprinted ribbon and even gold stamp the brim of hats.   Our  Type is used in Hot
Foil Stamping Machines such as Kingsley Machine Co., Kwikprint, Gold-Magic,
Howard Personalizer,  Veach, Goldsmith, Blockmaster Malahide Hot
StampingMachines and Franklin including the
old hat machines, to name just a few.

Hard Metal Type Letters
Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Engraving Monogramming
We have endeavored to make your printing experience a rewarding one by passing
on our knowledge of press room techniques used to produce only the finest
printed job.  We have sorted the Hard metal type sets into a carefully selected
showing.  The type fonts or letters we are showing under
 Type Fonts is a
culmination of many years of finding out what works best for foil stamping and
letterpress. Please note that there are six pages of showings under the tab labeled
Type Fonts.

When you review the showings of our type Faces under  Type Fonts, you will find
an array of fonts that have proven very usable, by many.    We have included some
important technical information under the heading
About  Type.  This section
gives good information on what type faces have been used for best results and
some other terms that we hope will make your hot stamping and letterpress
printing proceed easier.

May times we get the question What Size is My Type
here is a great link to some quick conversion tables to help out.

What Size is My Type   Conversion Tables


We have may ornaments, from 14 to 72 point. Some of the ornaments are on 18
point body for use with 18 point foundry type and some small 14 point dies for use
on small ribbon imprinting  jobs.  For those doing bible printing you will find a
nice selection of religious ornaments. Those doing scrap books will enjoy many of
the larger ornaments for use when doing there album imprinting.  Please review
Ornaments section to see our current showing.
Also contact us for all you Hot Stamping Supplies.

For the letterpress arts, our type continues to be used in Chandler and Price,
Kluge, Heidelberg, Vandercook and many other types of letterpress equipment.  
We provide beautiful foundry type for letterpress printing of letterpress invitations
and letterpress cards.   

Book Binding and Scrap Books
The book binding trade and those doing scrap books use our type for imprinting
the covers and spines of books.
Some Suggested Type for
Book Binders

We do Hot Foil Stamping and Letterpress Printing
We have many of the foil stamping and antique letterpress machines in our shop.
By using the equipment we have become familiar with how the type reacts to
being printed on numerous materials (sub-straights).  We would be happy to share
our experiences with you in the hope it will make your printing experience a
rewarding one.

We show just a very few of the over 700 Ludlow  fonts we have for casting metal
lines or as it is known in the industry Hot Type or Ludlow slugs.
Great Hot
Stamping Dies for Names or Monograms.  Pres Set Lines of type read to drop in
your machine and start printing.  
When you need just one line of 72pt type set or
a entire job here this where to come.  We have a lot of great faces so you can get
that one large line (ie 72pt) you want to use with  your 18 point hand set font and
you don't have to buy the entire font of 72 pt type to complete your book binding,
scrap book or letterpress printing job.  This saves you money and opens the door
for creativity in your designs.  

Leads and Slugs
Leads and slugs are, strip of spacing material, made of type metal that are used for
line spacing.  We cast Leads and Slugs in several thicknesses ranging from   2 to
36 point.  Those less than 6 points are called leads.  Those from 6 to 18 point are
called slugs. You can find more information about Leads and Slugs under the
About Type section, toward the bottom of the page.

We still can manufacture many of the hundreds of fonts we have produced over
the past 90+ years; so, if you don't see what you are looking for please
Contact Bell Type

We hope you enjoy your time on this sight.  We love Letterpress and hot foil
stamping and hope we have sparked an interest in you to learn more

about these arts.
Hot Foil Stamping Type          Embossing Type
Engraving Type    Letterpress Printers Type
Hot Foil Embossing Engraving Machines Equipment
Hand Set Metal Type Fonts of Letters
A r e   y o u   n e w   t o   h a n d s e t   t y p e..........?

Y e s.....  

Then let us suggest you start your journey here.   Click here and we will take
you to some great information that will help you understand a lot about  
Hard Metal Type
Foil Stamping, Hot Gold Foil  Stamping,
Letter Embossing, Engraving,  Imprinting
Book Binding & Scrap Books
Monogramming Leather
A Tribute to our friend
Don Winter
Los Angeles TYPE Founders, Inc.
Print Shop
T y p e

Anonymity of Foundry Type       Letter & Line Spacing   

What Size is My Type    Conversion Tables

Foundry Type Showing      Foundry Type Showing Pg. 2       Foundry Type Showing Pg 3    
Foundry Type Showing Pg 4 for Book Binding
Foundry Type Showing Pg 5 Old English and Coronet Bold

LARGE MONOGRAMS   for Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing Pg6 Metal Foil Printers Type


Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Engraving
Machines and Supplies   

Bell Commercial Hot Foil Stamping Embossing Machine
Bell Commercial Hot Foil Stamping Machine Accessories
Professional Book Binders Commercial Hot Foil Stamping Macine
The Green Machine....Great Machine for Less Green

Franklin Imprint Machine Company      Franklin Manufacturing Duracase Type

Kingsley Machine Company                 Kingsley Machine Company Pg 2 Single Line Typeholder     
Kingsley Machine Company 36 point and Multi-line Typeholder  
Kingsley Machine Company 72 point and 5 line Typeholder
Kingsley Machine Company M-101 Typeholders
Kingsley Machine Company Pg 3 Hot to Imprint, Kingsley Foil Feed  
Kingsley Machine Company  Pencil Ribbon Gold Stamping
Kingsley Machine Company  Napkin Book Matches and Paper Imprinting
Kingsley Machine Company Gauge Bar and Base Plate Christmas Card Imprinting
Kingsley Machine Company Leather Gold Foil Stamping and Imprinting
Kingsley Machine Company Instruction Manual for Model M-55, M-65 and M-75
Kingsley Machine Company Type  Original Showing

Kwikprint     Kwikprint in 1962     Kwikprint Placement of Type In the Equipment
Kwikprint Multiline Typeholder for use with Gold Stamping Letters
Kwikprint Model 17 Hot Stamping and Embossing Machine
Kwikprint Model 55 Hot Stamping and Embossing Machine

Howard Hot Foil Stamping Machine      Howard Hot Foil Imprinting Equipment Attachments   
Howard Foil Stamping Type Holders
Howard Foil Stamping Type Holders Shown With Foundry Type   

How to
Hot Gold Foil Stamp Engrave Emboss

Ribbon Printing Machine

Leather Gold Foil Stamping and Imprinting
Personalized Bible Imprinting

Letterpress & Commercial Printing Co.

The Letterpress Print Shop       

Letterpress Gallery        Letterpress Gallery pg 2         Foil Stamping Gallery   

Ludlow Typesetting      

Ludlow Typesetting pg 2     Ludlow Typesetting  pg 3     Ludlow Typesetting pg 4

Ludlow Typesetting pg 5     Ludlow Typesetting pg 6      Ludlow Typesetting pg 7
Hot Foil Stamping Type Machines Supplies
Letterpress Type     Letterpress Printing
ype Setting
Hot Stamping
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