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Goldsmith Gold Stamping Machine
Yes we have the metal letters... foundry
type ... for these old Goldsmith Gold
Stamping Machines.

This machine has been out of production
since 1985

The typeholder is designed to hold
standard hot foil stamping type its
dimensions are

1 3/8  x  4
The Goldsmith came complete with all standard accessories, including
automatic adjustable foil spacing mechanism, one type holder, complete
set of type, one type case, three rolls of hot stamping foil, stop gauge,
match book feed guide, pencil holder and easy to follow instructions on
How to Gold Stamp.

It was a complete hot stamping and embossing machine furnished with
an automatic roll feed and removable type holder.  

This machine is no longer in production
for new models click here

Holds foil up to 3" wide,
type holder capacity for foil stamping type
or foil stamping letters is 13/8  x 4 inches.

The engraved plate holder capacity was
2 x 4 inches.   

The stamping table was 61/2 x 8.  The
entire machine weight was 35 pounds.   

In 1985 this machine sold for $640.00

This machine is no longer in
for new models click here
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