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Kingsley Machine Company, the Open Chase Type Holders:

In the mid 90's Kingsley Machine Company redesigned there hot stamping machine.  It then became possible to
use type holders that would hold more type and standard
Hot Foil Stamping Type.  The main type holders were
the  72 or 108 point (1" or 1 1/2") in width and up to 4 inches long.  This allowed for multiple lines of standard
Hot Foil Stamping foundry type or dies to be used in the Kingsley.  The new Kingsley Machines were models
M-101 and  AM-101.

The final largest type holder was called the 4" Maximizer and was 4" x 4".  In our experience, this was to much
surface area for the machine to print . Kingsley billed it as 10 square inches of hot foil printing area.  The
industry standard for a hot foil machine is  1/2 ton of pressure per 1 square inch of hot foil printing area for soft
items, such as napkin imprinting or ribbon imprinting.  The M -101 was a hand machine and the AM-101 air
machine could not deliver enough pressure to print the entire 10 square inches or even 1/10th of that area.
Kingsley Machine Company
72 point (1") by 4" long
Typeholder for the M-101

Type is our 72 point Gallia
Kingsley Machine Company
Circa 1995
M-101 and AM-101 and M101-A
Series Machines
Military  Leather  Name  Tags
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Kingsley Machine Company Type
Original showing and Availability of
Kingsley Type faces
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Kingsley Machine Typeholders

Kingsley  Machine M-101
Kingsley Machine M101-A
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Kingsley Machine
Kingsley Machine Company
3 line 18 point by 4" long Typeholder for the

We have new 4 line, 18 point, 5" Typeholders
We have New Typeholder for the M-101 series

Starting with a 4 line 18 point by 5" long Typeholder

Also we have open box type holders for holding larger type,
monograms and dies they come is sizes
1", 1 1/2", 2 1/2"   x  5" long

Take a look at the photos below.  The new style holder at work in the M-101,  Note the large Typeholders
reduce the space under the head where you feed you work.  Make sure this works for you before ordering as
the holders are not returnable.
Kingsley Machine Company M-101
2 1/2  x  5"  Typeholder Installed

Clearance is about  11/16"
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New 4 line, 18 point, 5" Typeholders