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Kingsley Machine Co. Type
This showing of one of the older

Original Kingsley Machine Co. Type
specimen sheets
This catalogue is about 30+ years old

See the discussion next to the Asturias ( *) below that identifies
Some of the type faces still in production

Other faces have similar replacements and
there names are given

The new type will not work with the very old Kingsley Typeholders
see this link for how to upgrade the holders:
Kingsley Machine Co. Typeholders

The old Kingsley Machine Company Type is 17 point
and was made exclusively for Kingsley Machine Company.  
Standard Hot Stamping Type
is on the actual body 18, 24, 36 38, 72

Those with the old multi-line machine can use a
36 point holder for most everything up to 36 point
so long as you use 36 point spaces.

Reminder:  Do not mix the old and new type
Need Foundry Type

for your
Kingsley Hot Stamping  Machine

click here
If you need Hot Foil Stamping
type for your Kingsley Machine,
click on the photo and it will
take you to a showing of the
Hot  Foil Stamping Embossing
we are currently running that
will work in your
Kingsley Machine
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36 Chelt Bold Extended
See Mayfair Cursive
See 48 Stellar Bold on 48 body
*****Replaced See
12 Caledonia
in 18 and 24
see Flash
in 18 and 24
See Goudy Light
14 point - 36 point
and many many more           

For older Kingsley Machines see
the Ornaments that are on 18 point
body so you can use them in a one
line or two line holder.    

For those with larger holders there
are larger ornaments available.

Christian Symbol
SETS click here
Bank Gothic in 18 and 24
Available *****
60 point Oval Monograms
Available *****

72 Large Elegance
48 Small Elegance

48 With 72 Elegance
Available *****
Available ****
Monograms no longer
come as flat wafers. An
open Box Type Holder
is required.
Available ****
Replaced ****
See Florentine Cursive
Available ****
Available ****
Available ****
Replaced ****
see Goudy Light
Available ****
Replaced ****
see Adonis 18 point
There are many many other type face please enjoy
reviewing them and if you don't see what you are
looking for please contact us we have hundreds of type
faces that are not listed.
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