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Kingsley Machine Company

Kingsley Writing Paper Imprinting
Kinsley Napkin Imprinting
Kingsley Book Matches Imprinted
If you need Hot Foil Stamping
type for your Kingsley Machine,
click on the photo above and it
will take you to a showing of the
Hot Stamping Letters  we are
currently running.
Kingsley Machine With the Gauge Bar in Place
For Imprinting Writing Papers

Set your type, best left to right.  Line up your work on a scrap piece of paper.  
Use the chrome plated stop on the left side to help you align the stock so the
type prints where you would like it on you stock.

Normally stationer is imprinted about 1/2" down form the top of the sheet.

DO NOT FORGET to always use a cushion board under all your work!!!
Kingsley Machine Hot Foil Stamping Book Matches:

Kingsley Machine Company made  two types of Cushion Boards for use in imprinting Book Matches.  
Both are shown below.  The are no longer available; however, they are easy to make.  Just take the old
cushion board you have and make a new one by cutting some card board and gluing it on to a new
cushion board just like your sample.  It works great and is really easy to do.

Remember you are not going to get two many letters across on a match book.  We would suggest you
use 14 on 18 Goudy Cursive if you want to put names and a date on the second line, for a wedding for
example.  For a single name use a heavy type face so it shows up, like Mayfair Cursive.
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Kingsley Machine Company

Kingsley Napkin Guides
for Imprinting Napkins
This is how the Kingsley Machine is set up to imprint Napkins.

The gauge bar is used to hold the Kingsley Napkin Guide in
Place.  Noe the use of a Cushion board under the napkin.

Below are two photos of the napkin guides that came with our old
Kingsley.  Note the is a longer Napkin Guide used for Imprinting
Dinner and Luncheon Napkins and the shorter Napkin Guide is for
Imprinting Cocktail Napkins
Kingsley Machine Company

Kingsley Machine book Match Guide
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