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Library of Ludlow Typefaces
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Suitable for use in
Letterpress Printing and Hot Foil Stamping
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Is there a machine that sets Names or monograms for Hot Stamping?

Stop Hand Setting Type for Hot Stamping Monogramming Initials or Names to
use in your Kingsley, Kwikprint, Green Machine or other hot Stamping machine.

Use our Ludlow Hot Metal Typesetting Service
...............................................................Indicates Available Sizes
The Ludlow is designed for the hand compositor, enabling him to produce hand set
composition in a better way.  The simplicity of the Ludlow Slug in setting up the Hot
Stamping or Letterpress job eliminates any need for extended hand type setting and
then redistribution of the type when the job is completed.  No more picking up type a
letter at a time and then putting them back a piece at a time.

Preset lines allows the operator of the Hot stamping machine to just switch out
names or Monograms quickly and stamp the next  item.
Our service is invaluable to those with large quantities of orders requiring much type
setting.  We set the lines then send them to you.  You stamp the job and simply return
the lines for recycle.  No hand setting of type. No redistribution of

the type between each stamping.  Faster for your operator.

         Compare and see if our service does not save you time and money.  

We believe you will find this service to be more economical and effective.
With our typesetting service you do not have to be concerned with your supply of new
type.  There is no running out of sorts (hand set letters) or picking through your letters
to avoid damaged letters.  

Each slug is a new cast and the type is sharp and clear like new type, leaving a better
impression on your product.

No need for you to take time doing extensive spacing out of hand set type.
The slugs can be set centered, right flush, left flush depending on the set up of your job.
When you receive the slugs, just drop them in the holder lock it up and go.  

Click the box above and
contact us to get started today using this great service.
Key to the Ludlow Type Pages
In designing these type pages, you'll find a complete alphabet showing, usually in 24 point
size (size shown in bold under alphabet) so that all the characters of the alphabet are
illustrated, which is particularly important when lettering and fitting type in a specific style for
a specific purpose.  In addition to the complete alphabets shown, the other sizes that are
available in the particular face are listed just under the alphabet showing